Me and my work

dear you,

I hope you are doing well and are still wearing masks. I thought I wouldn’t write you guys a newsletter because I have been so busy. I have been working on a presentation on me and my work which had to include, my personal story, my practice with examples of recent projects, my understanding of gender in my life. I told it as an illustrated story. I had to stay away from the internet (read Instagram) so I could do what I had in mind. Staying away from Instagram has been so restful. Really.

Anyway, yesterday, I had put in 10 hours and couldn’t think straight and logged into Instagram and saw an artist friend had done some great work for a big brand. Immediately my head, “What are you even doing?” This was after having sorting through all my work (and there is a fair amount of interesting work) that should going into my presentation. So I tried to reason with myself. Had someone else shown their work in a museum abroad, I would think it is great but khud kiya toh, “what’s the big deal.”

I shared this with my friend, Devika, and said, “How much self neglect one has ya!” To which she said, “We get rewarded for it na? Or we are made to feel like we are being rewarded. The respectability of someone who isn't 'too full of themselves'

Moving on, I think my presentation is dhasoo and want you to see it.

That’s it, but before I go, please watch Lynda Barry’s two hour drawing workshop. It is the best. She is the best. The music is fab.

And I wrote this piece on finding love during the pandemic for the First Post.

And not going without saying ki if you like my work and would like to support my work, please consider buying me pizzas. If you don’t want to or can’t, I won’t judge you. <3

Have a wonderful weekend.