It's been a while

Dear reader,

Hi! I hope you are keeping well in these difficult times. staying at home, staying away from the internet and drawing. I have I have to start working on my graphic novel and the thought has been so intimating that I thought it would be a good idea to draw my life in four panels so it is easier to take up the daunting task. I am currently enjoying this so much, new stories seem to present themselves saying, break us into four parts and draw us that I haven’t yet started drawing for my novel. But I know I will get there.

My first drawing came after I happened to watch this Ted Talk by Simon Sinek and decided to use his Why-How-and-What circle to figure about my romantic relationships and this is what I found. Mostly my process and the result. Here:

And then that lead me to find out that when it is obvious to me that my needs won’t be met, I still keep giving, in the hope they will see how good I am and give me what I want in the way I want. Needless to say that there is a lot of resentment. (The first two panels are very inspired by Calvin and Hobbes.

Since I started making more realistic and basic lists for self care, I have been able to make some decisions. Like this:

I am sending you the comics I made last week. We had a smallVishu Sadya for the three of us. I made beetroot pachadi, payasam and this:

I started listening to Bukowksi on my Stortel app and found out that he is German and not French. I also heard about Borodin in one of his poems and played his ‘In The Steppes Of Central Asia.’

The life of Borodin - Charles Bukowski

the next time you listen to Borodin
remember he was just a chemist
who wrote music to relax;
his house was jammed with people:
students, artists, drunkards, bums,
and he never knew how to say: no.

the next time you listen to Borodin
remember his wife used his compositions
to line the cat boxes with
or to cover jars of sour milk;
she had asthma and insomnia
and fed him soft-boiled eggs
and when he wanted to cover his head
to shut out the sounds of the house
she only allowed him to use the sheet;
besides there was usually somebody
in his bed
(they slept separately when they sleptat all)
and since all the chairswere usually taken
he often slept on the stairway
wrapped in an old shawl; 
she told him when to cut his nails,
not to sing or whistleor put too much lemon in his tea
or press it with a spoon;
Symphony #2, in B MinorPrince Igor
On the Steppes of Central Asia
he could sleep only by putting a
of dark cloth over his eyes
in 1887 he attended a dance at the Medical Academy
dressed in a merrymaking national costume;
at last he seemed exceptionally gay
and when he fell to the floor,
they thought he was clowning.
the next time you listen to Borodin,

I also finished reading The Ivory Throne by Manu Pillai for research and made this:

And this how I started posting:

And I want to end by saying, I haven’t made any money this year, though there is a possibility of a grant but I don’t know when that’s going to happen. If my work makes a difference to your life and you would like to support me, please consider buying me coffees.

Thank you and take care of yourself.